The summer doldrums are ending. Cooler temps and shorter days are making the fish happy. Daytime flows at about 2000 cfs. are making for pleasant floating and fishing.

Fish are eating hoppers and crickets nicely. I am also seeing a few October caddis already along with the usual ones. Tiny blue wings are around in small numbers already and should only pick up over the next few weeks. Hopefully with school starting the raft numbers will decrease and the fish will be a bit less 'gun shy'. Right now you better be making one long cast with a fine tippet and small fly... Multiple casts or lines in an eddy where fish are eating the mayflies will put them down.

Enjoy the great weather and leaves turning colors. Remember that the fish have learned over the summer and you must fish better in the fall... Longer drifts closer to the structure will still get eaten. The browns are starting to change colors along with the leaves--making for some memorable times.

                Doug Burton